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Voiceover fees are calculated by script length (not time spent recording), rounded up to 30 - 60 seconds.

Re-recordings and/or revisions: if the recording is defective, ivoiceitforyou.com will re-record the voice-over without any further charge. In the case of a revised script or change in stylistic approach, the fee to re-record that part will be half of the original scale fee.

Writing fees vary, depending on whether you require an entire script or just want an experienced eye to edit and improve your existing script. Free quotes can be provided.

Price includes delivery by e-mail or FTP site. If requested, or if file sizes exceed 10 MB, recordings will delivered by airmail CD for a fee of $20.

All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise arranged.

Online music and sound effect services available at an extra fee.

Free voiceover auditions! Send a short portion of your script, and you will receive an audio sample within 3 days.

Free quotes! Email your script to sean@ivoiceitforyou.com with a description of what the script is to be used for and ivoiceitforyou.com will provide you a quote within 2 days.

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